Thursday, August 13, 2009

Des News Marathon

Three weeks ago I ran the Deseret News Marathon. This had to be the toughest 26.2 miles of my life. First of all I woke up at 2:30 to catch the bus that takes the runners to the starting line. After arriving at the top of Big Mountain I had to wait an hour until the start of the marathon. My thoughts were racing during this time I was wondering if I had put in enough training or if I was even going to finish this run. Finally the race began and I knew I would soon face the reality of my training. The first couple of miles were extremely hard. My legs were definitely feeling the downhill pounding and then around mile 6 we had to trudge uphill. By mile 8 I was feeling very discouraged. At this point I told myself that I needed to change my attitude or I would never finish the marathon. I started to tell my self that I feel great, I feel strong, I feel confident and I can do this. I repeated this to myself for miles and it made a difference in my confidence. The last 7 to 8 miles I found myself unable to run. This was so disheartening because I knew that I would not make my goal time. So after miles of dodging parade spectators and vehicles I finally made it to the finish line and received my medal. Crossing the line I grudgingly told myself that I would never run the Desert News Marathon again.

This race was hard for me. There is no faking a marathon and I know I can do better then I did. With the anticipation of a glorious finish I will make my return to Top of Utah Marathon in September.

Favorite quote I heard on the course belongs to the cyclist that passed me around mile 15. After passing me he says “ Why do only ugly girls run marathons”. I refrained from throwing a rock at him or yelling a variety of obscenities. However, I did want to challenge him to run the 15 miles I just did and see how pretty he feels. To answer his question, ugly girls don’t get asked on dates so we use our weekends to run.


The Nielson family said...

Wow! Avery, I'm proud of you for running a marathon. I don't think I would have made it. While reading I was thinking I rather go through labor, well... that's a hard call. And you should have thrown the rock!! Good luck in Sept.


The Nielson Family said...
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The Nielson Family said...

Hey I'm waiting for an update!!!;) Fingers tapping!!